Bernd Bornhausen

Senior Manager QA

TD Insurance

Sprinting with Dinosaurs

Organizational evolution or radical transformation, both approaches have their place; but which one is the right one for your organization?

Organizations that are using a waterfall-based development process are considered to be slow and inflexible like dinosaurs whereas organizations using an Agile based development process are considered fast and adaptable like mammals. As we learned in the Jurassic Park movie pictures not all dinosaurs are the same and as we all know, not all mammals are the same either. We also learned that mammals only took over after the dinosaurs have been extinct.

So, the real question is: What does the organization need evolution or a meteor i.e. a new start?

To answer this question, we have to discuss the wanted characteristics of our target organization, the current state of the organization and the required steps and feasibility to achieve the target state. We will have a look at some examples and discuss if in that specific case the target should be a raptor or a cheetah or would the organization be happy to be more like a platypus?  We will also discuss possible opportunity costs related to the decision and possible paths of evolution.


Since his first computer, the famous Sinclair 1000, Bernd has been interested in information technology. His path lead from developer over system administrator to QA specialist. Combining his passion for technology with his passion for people led him to people management.  During his career Bernd was involved in transforming multiple organizations through standardization, process evolution and capability enhancement.